Trivia: Indian Media Ecosystem Part 1

This quiz is based on the latest KPMG Report on Indian Media Ecosystems. Check how updated you are with the latest trends.


Out of these five-advertising media, digital exhibited the highest growth in FY18 over FY17 by 35%. Which one showed the second highest growth of 11.9%?

How many minutes does an average Indian spend on social media platforms daily?

Can you guess which age group spends highest time watching video online?

Which Socio-Economic Class spends highest time watching video online?

What type of content do Indians prefer the most on TV?

What type of content do Indians prefer to watch on Online Platforms?

Based on ad value, which genre contributed the highest in TV Advertising Revenue?

Which age group showed the highest increase in readership of newspapers in CY17

Which advertising options are showing the highest growth in total digital ad spends share?

Which sectors are the highest contributors to Print Advertising and Digital Advertising respectively? (based on ad revenue)

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