Trivia: Indian Ads based on Festive Season

Looking for ideas to promote your products/events during this festive season? Take this quiz to know some of the best communication by brands last year during the Diwali Month.


1. This brand launched a new series of smartphones during Diwali 2017 with the hashtag “Unite For Love”

2. This fashion retail brand talks about the informal Diwali rituals that one makes with family and friends with the hashtag “Dilon Ko Roshan Karein Iss Diwali”

3. This brand carried out a very successful social media campaign under the tag “Come Home To Celebrations” by asking “Would you spend Diwali with a stranger?”

4. This Two Wheeler brand showed us through multiple videos how it’s two wheelers are a part of our Diwali Celebrations with a hashtag “Dilon Ki Diwali”

5. This smartphone claimed to be the “Perfect Partner for a Happy Diwali”

6. This Ecommerce platform defined it’s sale period as “Shubh Bhi Aur Laabh Bhi”

7. This laptop brand encouraged customers to think long term with the hashtag “Gift Them Future This Diwali”

8. This grocery retail brand asked customers to enjoy Diwali to the fullest with the hashtag “Dil Se Manao Badi Diwali”

9. Which ecommerce platform gave people opportunity to thank “Diwali Heroes” by gifting them “Happiness Boxes”?

10. This Electronic company celebrated “Naye India ki Diwali” with its products. Identify the brand.

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