Tips for advertising on Hotstar

Advertising on Hotstar can be a very tactical method to either complement or substitute your TV campaign. While the cost of advertising on Hotstar in terms of cost per reach is higher than Television and even Youtube, the absolute cost can be quite low. This is possible because one can advertise on Hotstar after applying geography filters.

For one looking to advertise on Hotstar, these tips would be helpful:

  1. Keep the video length to a maximum of 20 seconds as unlike Youtube Hotstar advertising rates go up with the ad length
  2. Use the available filters to narrow down to your Target group. Even if the rates go up with the filters, its worth to use those filters than waste it
  3. Track the performance of each ad used in Hotstar advertising campaing through different UTMs
  4. Don’t measure the campaign success of Hotstar advertising only from CTR perspective. Do check the traffic quality through parameters like Bounce Rate and Average time spent
  5. As the user does not have much choice to skip an ad on Hotstar don’t get influenced by completion rate vs. other video advertising platforms like Hotstar

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