Trivia: Indian Ads Based on Sports

Love sports? Love ads? Lets celebrate India’s spectacular performance in Asian Games 2018 with this Fun Trivia about brands and advertisements involving sporting events and sports as a theme. It’s easy and it’s entertaining.

Which brand says “Bruises Can Be Good"?

Which brand has come up with “Knock Knock Neighbours” for Asia Cup 2018?

There was a glass introduced during FIFA World Cup 2018 that you can turn red with your shouts. Which brand introduced it?

This brand asked you about “Aapki Dusri Country” during FIFA World Cup 2018. Identify the brand.

The easiest question: Which brand created the iconic ad campaign “Mauka Mauka”?

Which brand says “Grow with Sports”?

This brand said they are The “Unofficial Sponsor of Fans” during IPL 2018. Identify the brand.

The catchy ad “Da Da Ding” that captures the spirit of sportsmanship through portraying women athletes of India was created by which brand?

Small Town Dream of having one’s own cricket team shattered by long list of saaman. Which brand talks about Chonkpur Cheetahs vs apni dukaan ?

Most of the brands associate sports with winning. This brand associates sports with experiences and emotions and asks “What Will You Play For Today?”

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