Newspaper Advertising in Navbharat Times Mumbai

Q- Why place advertisement in Navbharat Times Mumbai?

A- Advertising in Navbharat Times Mumbai would help brands in reaching out to their target customers and build trust. The advantages of Navbharat Times Mumbai Advertising are:

  • Navbharat Times Mumbai is the most read newspaper in Mumbai. Ads placed in Navbharat Times Mumbai would reach to maximum newspaper readers.
  • Navbharat Times Mumbai covers news and articles on a number of topics and genres hence by placing ads in Navbharat Times Mumbai, advertisers can reach out to audience having various interests.
  • Apart from news and current affairs, Navbharat Times Mumbai also has a number of supplements on topics like city and its people, housing and real estate, education, career, religion and spirituality and lifestyle. Advertisers looking to engage audience interested in a particular genre can place ads in appropriate supplements to target a specific group.
  • Navbharat Times is one of the most trusted newspaper brand in India. Advertising in Navbharat Times Mumbai will help advertisers build trust with their audience.

Q- What type of advertisements can I place in Navbharat Times Mumbai?

A- Following are the Advertisement types accepted by Navbharat Times Mumbai:

  • Variable Ad Size charged on per square area: Advertiser can select the ad size. However, there are minimum size requirements- 240 sq cm in case of front page and 20 sq cm in case of all other pages.
  • Fixed Ad Size: These are premium options of placing ads in Navbharat Times Mumbai Newspaper. Following three types of fixed size ads are available:
    • Full Page
    • Half Page
    • Quarter Page
  • Jacket: This is a premium Full Page Ad option that appears before the front page. It is not a part of the newspaper. Both the sides of the jacket page (before the front page) are printed.
  • Skybus: Skybus appears as a fixed size horizontal ad on top most part of the first page.
  • Pointer: Pointer ads are very small sized ads that appear on the front page.

Q- Where can I check the Navbharat Times Mumbai Ad Rates?

A- Navbharat Times Mumbai Ad Rates varies based on many factors like Ad Size, Ad Placement, Demand, Season etc. You can check the link: for The Navbharat Times Mumbai Rate Card. The Navbharat Times Mumbai Rates mentioned are the discounted Navbharat Times Mumbai Ad rates exclusively offered by The Media Ant. There are no extra charges levied except the GST which is 5% for newspaper advertising.

Q- When can I expect the ad to be published in Navbharat Times Mumbai?

A- After the advertiser submits the final creative, it would take two days for the ad to be published in Navbharat Times Mumbai.

Q- Who should I contact to place an advertisement in Navbharat Times Mumbai?

A- You can visit the link: and book an online campaign or write a mail to Help@TheMediaAnt.Com for placing an ad in Navbharat Times Mumbai.

The Media Ant is one of the leading Navbharat Times Mumbai Advertising Agencies. The Media Ant offers an online platform free of cost to check and compare ad rates for Navbharat Times Mumbai and other leading newspapers. On the basis of years of partnership with the publishers, The Media Ant offers the best Navbharat Times Mumbai Ad Rates. The Media Ant offers 100 % transparency in ad booking process and also ensures a hassle-free execution.


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