LinkedIn Video Advertising: The Best Option for B2B Advertisers

There is no room for doubt when we say video ad is much more effective in drawing audience attention and encouraging them to engage with the brand.

Have doubts still? Check the stats:

You would have seen thousands of videos in B2C marketing, but do you know, video advertising is a preferred advertising option in B2B too?

What is the best platform for B2B Video Advertising?

According to an internal LinkedIn survey, over 46% B2B Advertisers stated that their biggest challenge with running video advertisements is finding the appropriate environment to reach out to the target audience. Since LinkedIn is the best platform for reaching out to professionals, LinkedIn can prove to be beneficial for B2B advertisers for video advertising.

What type of content can I use in my video Ads?

We know that the videos that are brief and visually appealing yet tell the audience a story are the best. Based on surveys and studies, LinkedIn has following suggestions for video content based on your brand objective:

For Brand Awareness and Brand Consideration: Give your audience a reason to remember you or consider you by – positioning yourself as a thought leader, tell your brand story or share stories of customer success.

For Demand Generation: Show a sneak peek of your offering. If it’s a product, you can give a demo. In case of an event, a preview would work.

Some useful tips from LinkedIn while creating a video

What kind of bidding would be best for my video advertisements?

When using LinkedIn Campaign Manager, LinkedIn would automatically set the optimal bidding method. However, following are the ideal bidding methods based on the campaign objective:

  1. For website visits: Cost per 1000 impressions (CPM)
  2. For leads: Cost per Click (CPC)
  3. For Video Views: Cost per View

What kind of targeting methods can I use to narrow down my audience?

Following demographic filters can be used to narrow down the target audience. They are apt for B2B advertisers.

  • Company Industry
  • Job Function
  • Job Title
  • Job Seniority
  • Company Size
  • Location
  • Country
  • Company

How can LinkedIn help me measure my video campaign effectiveness?

LinkedIn offers various metrics to measure the effectiveness of your video campaign, based on your campaign objective. Following are some of the metrics that can be used to assess the video campaign effectiveness:

Video Advertising has been accepted as one of the most effective advertising options. But when it comes to B2B Advertising, the two most pertinent questions are: How to target the potential customers and finding a professional environment to communicate the message. Both these questions find the answers in LinkedIn. Hence, B2B advertisers should include LinkedIn in their marketing plan.

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