IRS 2017 Trivia Quiz

What is the total number of Households in India?

Population of 12+ years of age in India is at 104 Crores.

What percentage of Households in India has a mobile phone?

Almost same as 93% of households in India that have electricity connection.

Which state has the highest TV Penetration at 93%?

All these states have 88% or more of their households with a TV set. All India TV penetration is at 61%.

A brand with ads in all Newspapers for 30 days will reach how many households?

Dainik Jagran is the most read Newspaper across languages.

Across all languages, which women magazine has the highest number of readers?

5% of India’s population reads some magazine every month.

In a month, what percentage of population watches some TV?

TV has the highest penetration among all possible media.

What percentage of India accesses internet every month?

Percentage of population listening to Radio every month is same as those who claim to have accessed internet in a month.

Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamilnadu are top cinema viewing states. However, which city has highest % of cinema goers?

Which is the most read magazine in India?

What percent of NCCS A1 (High Income) population reads News online?

4% of overall population claims to read Newspaper online.

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