IPL 2019 Advertising: TV Advertising vs. Hotstar Advertising

Key Takeaways

  • TV Advertising during IPL or Hotstar Advertising during IPL: Which is better?


In our last article, we discussed 5 reasons to opt for video advertising during IPL on Hotstar. This led to many clients asking us if advertising on Hotstar is a better idea than advertising on Television. This article hopes to answer all such questions and would also talk about other advertising options for IPL 2019.

Why advertise in IPL?

India holds cricket close to its heart. IPL is the biggest celebration of cricket in the country. Advertising in IPL would mean capturing the attention of a highly engaged male-dominated Indian audience across the country, especially urban areas.

Where should you advertise during IPL 2019?

How much would I need to spend to advertise in IPL?

If your advertising budget for IPL 2019 is

INR 5 lakhs and more: Video Advertising on Hotstar

If your budget is limited to INR 5 Lakh and above, video advertising can be a good option. Starting at INR 120 per CPM, an advertising budget of INR 5 lakh can buy you enough impressions to cover a single high impact match.

INR 1 Crore and more: Video Advertising on Television

Advertising on television is the best advertising option when last mile reach and cost per reach are considered. Even though per spot advertising rates for IPL appear to be very high, the impact television advertising during IPL 2019 would have would also be manifold. With a 10-sec spot starting from 12 lakhs, the minimum budget required to advertise during a single match would be about INR 1 Crore.

INR 25 Crore and more: Video Advertising on Television plus Hotstar

With a budget of more than 25 crores, advertisers would be in a comfortable position to increase their reach by targeting TV audience as well as the Hotstar app audience.

Who can I reach out to by advertising in IPL 2019?

If your audience targeting strategy for IPL 2019 is:

Pan-India with mass reach

For a pan India mass targeting, nothing can be better than TV advertising as it would not only ensure the lowest cost per reach but also would help boost the brand awareness by manifold as compared to digital advertising. This option would be best for national brands with mass targeting like FMCG brands.

Regional/Gender/Age-Based Targeting

If your target audience is limited to an area/region, gender or age group, advertising on Hotstar would be better.

IPL 2018 Stats

IPL 2018 on TV (Source: BARC Think Newsletter: IPL-Over The Years)

  • IPL viewership on TV grew by 16% in the year 2018 as compared to the year 2017.
  • Time spent watching IPL too grew by 7% in the year 2018 to 34 minutes as compared to the previous year.

  • IPL viewership on TV is dominated by male, NCCS A+B

  • Majority of the audience prefer to watch the cricket matches in the regional languages.

IPL 2018 on Hotstar (Source: Hotstar IPL Watch Report)

  • 202 Million users
  • 5x growth in watch time as compared to the previous year
  • ~55% of urban India reached
  • ~33 Million players of Watch n Play game
  • Growth over Vivo IPL 2017:
    • Metros: 2.5x
    • 1 Mn+ Cities: 5.2x
    • Below 1 Mn Towns: 5.9x
  • The audience watching IPL more engaged than other audience on Hotstar/YouTube

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