Interesting ads that promote football

It is never easy to grab the attention of emotionally charged and demanding football fans. And so different ads deploy different appeal tactics. Considering how football and theatrics always go hand in hand, it comes as a no surprise when this sport generates some really iconic and interesting ads our way.

These were the ads we just could not disassociate from football!

1)Nike rules the roost-with Nike’s advertising strategy based on motivating and impressing people it is quite common that the brand ropes in some of the biggest football stars in the ads.

This 2008 ads shot in first person is arguably the most complex ad which hit the TV screens and the social media giving us a glimpse of what it is like to be a world class footballer.

Or this hard hitting print and outdoor media interesting football ad

2)Adidas’s ‘footballitis’-very interesting football generating ad that speaks of how football runs through the veins of not only the players but even the spectators and animals! The ad released on the eve of the 2002 world cup was very popular on television and social media.

3)Turkish airlines loves football-be it an ad that shows the Manchester United squad having a little volley in the business class of the airline proving its spaciousness or the Kobe Bryant and/or Drogba Vs Messi ad symbolically showing football competing with other sports and the airline as the carrier. We loved watching it on television. And free viagra samples before buying the outdoor hoardings were catchy as well.

4)The marathon sports company couldn’t have had a better printed ad to promote running using the football fever.

Back home…

5)Could KFC want a better way to tell their customers to enjoy their chicken watching a great game of football through every possible print medium in their outlets, on outdoor hoardings and social media.

6)Can we forget the Pepsi ad campaign generating football through some of the most popular celebrities on TV channels and outdoor media?

7)Ranbir Kapoor apparently couldn’t have enough of football. This Hero Indian super league(ISL) released on national television and social media created waves with Ranbir not only showing off his football skills but also bringing in Alia to remind the audience that football is not only for celebs and men.

8)Tata Motors made all football Indian fans swoon by making Messi greet them with a Namaste on social media, television and outdoor hoardings.

9)Can we even move on without mentioning the Amul butter football ads that were a sight for all sore eyes on the traffic filled Indian roads during the FIFA world cup.

10)Moving a little away from all the celebrities and famous players this interesting football ad from McDonalds on social media definitely cannot be ignored as it celebrates non famous footballers being really great at the game and it appears 100% real. Most probably.

Do you think we missed out any? Let us know in the comments section.


Author Alefiya kapasi

Disclaimer- Images are taken from for illustrative purposes only.

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