How to promote your school this admission season?

The Mahakumbh for all Indian parents is about to begin. From finding the best schools for their kids to filling up long application forms to clear the interviews, it’s a hectic schedule for parents. Hence, the biggest challenge often faced by school owners and managers is to make some space in the consideration set of the parents.

So, when is the right time to promote your school?

Now. According to the Google Trend report (school related searches for the past 12 months), search related to school admission start increasing around December and continue to peak till April. Since selecting a school has no room for impulse decision making, advertisers must make sure they engage their audience at every stage of the purchase funnel.

What are the most effective ways to market your school to parents?

While looking for the best school for their kids, parents rate the potential schools on many parameters apart from school fees: faculty, infrastructure, healthy and friendly environment, extra-curricular activities, performance of alumni, digitization, safety and security and distance from home, etc. Hence, the promotion should include all the features in the most engaging format. This can be done in the form of brochures (print and pdf) or videos. Next challenge is to identify the best platforms to advertise your school.

Which advertising media should schools add to their marketing campaigns?

Though nothing can beat building PR with the parents and engaging their audience in meaningful conversations on social media platform, it’s also important for schools to mark their presence felt amongst the clutter of other competitors. Thus, selecting the best advertising platform is of utmost importance. Following are the most effective advertising options to promote your school along with a tentative minimum budget.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is the most economical medium for promoting schools due to accurate targeting options offered by most digital advertising platforms.

  1. Search Ads: The first step to gather information is to search on Google. Hence, it becomes even more important to capture your customer’s attention at this stage only.

  1. Image Ads: Both Google Display Network and Facebook offer multiple targeting options to expose the potential customers to your image ads. Past visitors can be re-targeted using retargeting ads. Both GDN and Facebook offer to target audience based on their interests. Using In-Market targeting option, advertisers can also target people actively searching for schools for admission.
  2. Video Ads: It is a proven fact that video ads are more effective than image and text ads. Video ads are not only more engaging but also help advertisers to give a demo or detailed information about their product. The three most powerful platforms for video advertising worth considering are YouTube, Hotstar, and Voot. Not only are these very popular among parents but they also have options for targeting a specific audience based on demographics, interest, genres, and programmes.

Minimum Monthly Budget: INR 20,000

Tip: Invest in a good landing page for your website. Will help you in conversion as well as reduce the cost of digital advertising.

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Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising is a good medium to target an entire city. Most of the people in India listen to the radio while commuting to work. Hence, radio provides a good opportunity to reach out to working parents.

Minimum Monthly Budget: INR 25,000

Tip: Pick your time when you want to play your ad.

Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper advertising is one of the most popular mediums for school advertising.  It is one of the best ways to reach out to households. Advertisers can also target supplements based on Education. Newspaper Advertising for promoting schools would bring credibility to the advertiser’s brand.

Minimum Monthly Budget: INR 5 lakh

Tip: Keep your first ad large and then reduce the size. Do minimum 3 inserts

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a very good medium to target audience in a particular geography within the city. By advertising on hoardings or bus shelters in the vicinity of the school, advertisers can target parents living in nearby locations. Since distance happens to be a major factor while deciding the school, schools can benefit from outdoor advertising.


Minimum Monthly Budget: 5 Lakh

Tip: Book your billboard only for 15 days. Shift to a new location after that.

Non-Traditional Advertising

Public Transport Vehicles like Buses or Metros (In case of metro cities) or local railway/metro stations or metro pillars can also serve as good mediums for school branding.

Minimum Monthly Budget: 50,000

Tip: Route and area targeting is a must for best result

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