How to plan a newspaper advertising campaign?

In every advertisement  planning following are the most important  things to consider before start spending

1)Research on target and existing client – This will help an advertiser to know from which area most of its buyers can come. It will also helps an advertiser to know the buying pattern of their existing clients so accordingly best product or offer can be introduced.

ii)Decide on budget– What amount of fund will be used for advertising.

iii)Choose the right media which will best reach the target audience– Depending upon budget a good media either newspaper,radio,TV etc need to select through which target audience can be reached.

The above 3 things are also common for newspaper advertising and adding to these following are couple of more things which needs to be consider before deciding on Newspaper media advertising

i)Whether selected newspaper has a good number of circulation and which area it will cover– Circulation means the number of copies being distributed in a particular area and this number helps in giving the number of people will be able to  see the ad.

ii)Category of the newspaper-If the category of the newspaper is right to advertise to reach out to the the target client.e.g. if product is agriculture based and advertiser wants to reach out to farmers in Karnataka than it is better to advertise in Prajavani supplement Krishi Agricart which contain all news related to agriculture.Same if anyone wants to give a job ad than it is better to book space in Times ascent supplement rather than Times of India main paper.

This  helps in budget since in most cases rate for advertising in a supplement of a newspaper is less than the main paper and also such specific category newspaper is being read by only those people who has any specific requirement for the same.Advertiser also get the same number of circulation which any other advertiser gets by advertising in the main newspaper.

iii)What type of ad-In newspaper different types of ad generally comes e.g display ad,classified display ad and text display ad.

Display ads are basically  very useful for  product branding purpose or for any big sale season is coming or even any big exhibition going to happen in the city. Chances of missing such ads by target client is very less considering advertiser can take any premium pages like front,back and page 3 and with a maximum size of full page or any innovative ad like jackets.

Whereas classified display  can be very useful for advertiser with less budget and short message like any coming events or recruitment.It comes in a specific page with all other similar type of ads.Restriction on maximum size of the ad is also very less so chnaces of missing out on the target audience is higher comparatively to dispaly ad.

Last one is Text classified being used by advertiser with very less budget and very short text message.Such message can recruitment,a notice of a death of loved one etc.

The most important things for a newspaper advertising or any other media  advertising is Consistency regardless of the product or service any advertiser sell.And consistency in a newspaper advertising is must if the object is brand building .

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