How to advertise your business in Hyderabad? Here’s a complete guide

Advertising in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Media Reach

Television (BARC 2018)

Number of TV Households in Hyderabad2,262,000
Number of Individuals8,897,000

Gender-wise distribution of TV viewers in Hyderabad

Female4,392,000 (49.4%)
Male4,505,000 (50.6%)

Age-wise distribution of TV viewers in Hyderabad

Age-GroupNo. of Viewers
02-14 Years2,067,000 (23.2%)
15-21 Years1,253,000 (14.1%)
22-30 Years1,789,000 (20.1%)
31-40 Years1,497,000 (16.8%)
41-50 Years990,000 (11.1%)
51-60 Years607,000 (6.8%)
61+ Years694,000 (7.8%)

NCCS-wise distribution of TV viewers in Hyderabad

NCCSNo. of Viewers
A2,765,000 (31.1%)
B2,821,000 (31.7%)
ABC8,212,000 (92.3%)
CDE3,311,000 (37.2%)

Radio (IRS 2019)

Share of various radio stations in Hyderabad:

Radio StationsLanguageShare of Listenership
Radio Mirchi 98.3Telugu/Hindi21%
Red FM 93.5Telugu/Hindi15%
Big FM 92.7Telugu/Hindi15%
Radio City 91.1Telugu/Hindi11%
Mirchi 95 Hindi5%
Radio Fever 94.3Hindi4%
Kool FM 104English2%


Total number of cinema hall seats in Hyderabad1,44,238
Seat share of Single Screen 75%
Seat share of Multiplex Screens25%

Popular Cinema Chains in Hyderabad

ChainNumber of screensProminent Halls
PVR42PVR Inorbit Mall, Cyberabad; PVR RK Cineplex, Banjara Hills; PVR Central Mall, IM Colony; PVR Forum Mall Kukatpally; PVR Next Galleria Mall, Panjagutta
Cinepolis24Cinepolis Manjeera Trinity Mall, Kukatpally; Cinepolis Mantra Mall, Rajendranaagar; Cinepolis DSL Virtue Mall, Uppal; Cinepolis CCPL, Anandbagh; Cinepolis Sudha Cinema, Shalibanda
INOX19INOX GVK One Mall, Banjara Hills; INOX Maheshwari Parmeshwari Mall, Barkatpura; INOX GSM Mall, Madeenaguda

Weekly Estimated Reach of Cinemas

Avg no. of shows per day4
Avg Occupancy Rate40%
Reach Per Week 1,615,466


Top 10 newspaper (by circulation) in Hyderabad (IRS 2019)

NewspaperLanguageDaily Circulation
Telugu Jaatiya Dinapatrika VaarthaTelugu309227
The Times of IndiaEnglish292899
Swatantra VaarthaHindi216972
Neeti Dina Patrika SuryaTelugu176977
Andhra JyothiTelugu93753
The Hyderabad MirrorTelugu71575
Namaste TelanganaTelugu70387
Janavani Samagra Telugu Dina PatrikaTelugu68000


Number of Internet Users in Hyderabad: 4.2 Million ~40%

Age-group wise distribution of Internet users (Estimated)

Age GroupPercentage
13-20 Years16.5%
21-30 Years48.1%
31-40 Years23.4%
41-50 Years7.6%
50-60 Years2.9%
60+ Years1.5%

Outdoor & Transit

Average vehicle speed in Hyderabad21.2 KMPH
Average distance people travel every day one-way to work and time taken18 km in 50 minutes
Peak Hours in morning9 am-10 am
Peak Hours in evening5 pm- 7 pm

Based on the data above, we know that an average Hyderabadi travels about 36 km per day.

Number of people who commute using vehicles (private & public)daily and can be reached out through outdoor and transit advertising

* Daily Usage Factor takes into consideration that not everyone uses private vehicles on a daily basis due to high traffic and fuel costs

* Avg no of riders refers to avg no of riders on the vehicle

* For public transport, we have avg daily commuters data

Daily Commuters in Hyderabad

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  1. Two observations:

    1. It was surprising to see only 3.5% of the migrant population of Hyd is from outside of AP/TN.
    2. The Hans appearing as one of the top Newspapers in Hyd.


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