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Advertising in Bangalore

Bangalore: The Silicon Valley Of India

Bangalore, officially known as Bengaluru, is the capital of the state of Karnataka. Often hailed as “The Silicon Valley of India”, Bangalore is the 3rd most populous city in India. It is predominately known for the Information Technology revolution that placed India at a higher rank in terms of IT exports. Apart from IT, Bangalore is a melting pot of startups and small businesses. With more than 50% population being migrants, the population of Bangalore is a mixture of people from various classes, speaking different languages, having a diverse culture.

Bangalore demographics 2020

1. Bangalore: Demographics

(a) Population of Bangalore

Population of Bangalore (2011 Census)9,621,551
Population of Bangalore (2020 Estimated*)12,327,000

(b) Gender Distribution of Bangalore Population (2011 Census)

Male Population~52.4%
2020 Estimated Population6,459,348
Female Population~47.6%
2020 Estimated Population5,867,652

(c) Literacy Rate in Bangalore (2011 Census)

Male Population91.01%
Female Population84.01%
Total Avg87.67%

(d) Age-wise Distribution of Bangalore Population (2014-15 NFHS Data)

Age GroupPercentage of Total Population
0-14 Years23.5%
15-29 Years27.5%
30-45 Years23.6%
45-60 Years15.9%
60+ Years9.5%

(e) Household-wise Population Distribution of Bangalore (Census 2011)

No. of MembersPercentage of Total No. of Households
1 Member4.5%
2 Members13.2%
3 Members21.3%
4 Members29.9%
5 Members15.6%

(f) Income-wise Distribution of Bangalore Household Population (Statista 2015)

Annual Household IncomePercentage of No. of Households
Less than INR 75,00012%
INR 75,000- INR 150,00016%
INR 150,000- INR 300,00019%
INR 300,000- INR 500,00011%
INR 500,000- INR 1,000,00015%
Above INR 1,000,00028%

(g) Migration Trend in Bangalore (2011 Census)

Percentage of population in Bangalore that is migrant42.12%
Percentage of immigrants from Karnataka55.85%
Percentage of immigrants from other states44.15%

State-wise distribution of the migrant population from other states

Tamil Nadu32.61%
Andhra Pradesh22.48%
Uttar Pradesh3.85%
West Bengal3.01%

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