Hotstar and Bangalore TV Plan for a premium segment

What all the plan can be used for:

  • Single City (Bangalore) Hotstar Plan
  • Single City  (Bangalore) Voot Plan
  • Minimum budget Bangalore TV plan (using only national channels)
  • Targeting premium SMEs and Startups in Bangalore


The plan was shared with a client who operates co-working space in Bangalore. He wanted to reach out to SMES and Startups in Bangalore through one month campaign using Hotstar, Voot and national TV channels that can be targeted to Bangalore level.

The product charged a premium over the competition and targeting should be towards businesses who can would be willing to pay a premium for better service

Media options included:

The plan is to cover 1 month and experiment in a single city before going all out

You can download the complete plan Here

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