Frequently asked questions on Television Advertisement

Most of the channels have a 60:40 split between Prime Time and Non Prime Time for spot splits. e.g.: Of total 10 ads being played, 6 will be played in prime time and 4 in non prime time.

However, these numbers might slightly change for News channels or channels with narrower Prime Times. In these cases the split changes to 40:60 between Prime Time and non Prime time.


Shared rate for Television is per second. This is the price of showing 1 sec of your ad on that TV channel one time.

Let me explain this through an example.

Rate Star Plus on The Media Ant – Rs 2,000 per sec

You decided to run your video ad which is of 20 sec(ad length) , 5 times every day (frequency) for 7 Days(campaign duration). To calculate your budget:

Budget = Rate X Ad Length X Frequency X Campaign Duration

= 2000 X 20 X 5 X 7 = 1,400,000


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