Frequently asked questions on Airline/Airport advertisement

Vistara Inflight Magazine Ad dimension
1. Bleed Ad – 210 W x 260 H mm, 3mm extra with cut marks. 2. Non-Bleed – 190 W x 240 H mm.

Passenger data is shared by DGCA on their portal. You can access it Here


Frequently asked questions on Cinema advertisement

Shared rate for Cinema is per second per week. This is the price of showing 1 sec of your ad on that cinema screen once every show (minimum 3) per day for 1 week.

1. Your ad is played minimum 3 times per day and maximum 5 times per day
2. Ad is played once during the show. You can choose interval or before the start of the movie
3. The rate is for a Week

Let me explain this through an example.

Rate for Screen 3 in PVR Phoenix as mentioned on the site is Rs 430

You decided to run your video ad which is of 10 sec(ad length) and choose interval when the ad should get played

Cost would be Rs 430 X 10 = Rs 4300 and ad would be shown for 3-5 times per day for 7 days during the interval



In General, Slide ads are played first, followed by Slide Ads with audio, then Video ads, trailers and then movie begins.

The last spot in the commercial category before the Film, the first spot during Interval and the last spot during Interval will attract a Premium of 100% of the rate card


No. You will be charged premium only for the 1st week. Remaining 3 weeks will be at the regular rate.

In case your campaign is 5 weeks long, no premium will be charged through the campaign. Even first week will be at regular price


There is certainly a rate increase.

Additionally, your ad might get played during 3 shows per day instead of normal 4 shows per day. This is due to the increase in number of advertisers during Blockbuster movies.



  1. Slide – 2048 pixel (W) x 858 pixel (H)    JPEG Image in 300 dpi resolution”
  2. Video – MOV or MP4 (High resolution)
  3. Audio File – WAV
  1. Inspection pass will be provided on Monday morning
  2. In – person inspection can be done by the client anytime
  3. Please write back to us for arranging the inspection
  4. Single screens share the contact number or log report at the end of the campaign
  1. Cinema Campaign can only start on a Friday
  2. Creative and payment needs to be completed by Wednesday 5pm
  3. Few movies get released on Thursdays and in that case deadline shifts a day prior



1. Conversion of your ad to the Cinema format (J2K or MPEG4)
2. Additional cost of Rs 1,750 for slide ads and Rs 2,500 for video ads
3. Censor certificate is required for running video ads
4. We assist in getting the certificate for an additional fee of Rs 8,500
5. It takes 2 working weeks to get the certificate


No. Multiplexes charge a premium for Block Buster movies. The premium can be 2X to 3X depending on the movie. Use the Advanced filter of Blockbuster movies to get the rate.





Few theaters also have Mega Blockbuster premium.
Please check for the list of blockbuster movies at The Media Ant blog or with your Client Servicing Manager.


1. Your ad is played minimum 3 times per day and maximum 5 times per day
2. Ad is played once during the show. You can choose interval or before the start of the movie
3. The rate is for a Week


Frequently asked questions on Digital advertisement

English ad is allowed in all languages.

Hindi ad is allowed only in English and Hindi content.

Regional ads are allowed only in their respective language content.


No. As of August 2019, Hotstar does not support Hindi text.


Frequently asked questions on Magazine advertisement.

Shared cost on the site is for 1 time. So if you are placing your ad in a monthly magazine, for the mentioned cost, ad would appear once and stay for a month.

Similarly for a magazine getting printed weekly, cost is for 1 ad and would remain in the magazine for 1 week.


Frequently asked questions on Non Traditional Media

Newspaper Inserts Activity


The monitoring of Newspaper Inserts activity is through a mix of tech monitoring with human inspection. Newspaper inserts is heavy manpower and multiple touch points activity. Chances of activity not being executed exactly as per the plan is quite common.

  1. Number of pamphlets printed can be counted manually at the printer or where it is stored prior to the distribution. Counting at the Newspaper hub point is not possible.  Printing should be completed 2 days in prior to be able to do counting at the printer.
  2. Proof of execution is pictures and videos made at the time of activity. This however, does not give count. 10% is an acceptable wastage percentage. (double insertion, lost pamphlets, unused pamphlets)
  3. Monitoring by the brand team. This is the most effective method. Point of contact at each hub is shared with the brand team in advance.


Frequently asked questions on Radio advertisement.

Few FM channels (like Radio Mirchi)  asks for GST and PAN Card details


Online/Self Serve

  1. Login in to www.themediaant.com/dashboard and access your campaign by clicking on it’s name
  2. Download the Template from “Schedule Tab”, choose start & end date and download the template. Open the template, put number of ads to be placed against each date and upload. Now you campaign is scheduled
  3. Click on “Uploads Tab” and choose Upload to share your artwork with us. Any other file (multiple jingles) upload using the same button
  4. Make the payment using the “Payment Tab”


  1. Share your campaign details with Help@TheMediaAnt.com and mention the following:
    1. Start Date
    2. End Date
    3. How many times to be played per day
    4. Any special request (not play on Sunday, Monday only 1st half etc.)
    5. Share Jingle if ready

Client Servicing team would then get in touch and help.


1. The advertiser can choose a specific spot for placing the ad by paying a premium over and above the normal cost of advertising.
2. The premium percentage ranges from 50 – 100 % depending on the station and market


In case the ad gets dropped, the advertiser has two options to choose from -1. The advertiser has an option to ask the Broadcaster to schedule the dropped spots on the next date or on any other date and time as per his / her desire
2. The advertiser can claim for a refund for the spots which were dropped

This (ad not playing) is technically called “Dropped Spots”


The advertiser can either visit the Radio Station for the recordings.Alternatively, the RJ can visit the advertiser and record the interview.

Please note that there might be a cost involved in RJs visiting your location and recording.


The advertising brand have the option of recording and airing the exclusive interview which helps to promote the brand massively.


An advertising brand can sponsor games / quizzes on Radio and give away branded gratifications to the winners of the contest


1. When the RJ talks about your brand while conducting the show, it helps to promote your brand.
2. The RJ spends about 30 – 45 sec talking about your brand.


A show sponsorship tag is the Tag line of the advertising brand which is aired before the start of the show.
Example – This show is brought to you by Carl Zeiss Drive Safe Lenses…….


1. If the campaign size is more than 1 lac, we provide Show Sponsorship Tags as a Value Ad Free of Cost
2. If the campaign size is upto Rs 5 lac, we provide Show Sponsorship Tags, RJ Mentions as a Value Ad Free of Cost
3. If the campaign size is upto Rs 8 lac, we provide Show Sponsorship Tags, RJ Mentions, Conest as a Value Ad Free of Cost
4. If the campaign size is more than Rs 8 lac, we provide Show Sponsorship Tags, RJ Mentions, Conest & Interview as a Value Ad Free of Cost


The afternoon timeband, i.e from 12PM to 5PM is the non prime time band in Radio Advertising.


The Morning hours(7AM to 11AM) and the Evening hours(5PM to 10PM) is the prime time band in Radio Advertising.

This timing might change in few cases.


1. We share the ad spot timings on a daily basis through which one can track the number of spots played during the campaign.
2. We share a Broadcast Certificate at the end of the campaign.The Broadcast Certificate is issued at the letter head of the Broadcaster
3. The Broadcast Certificate is an autogenerated / system generated proof of the campaign which displays the exact number of spots aired with the precise time.
4. We can arrange for the recording of few spots at advertisers request.


There are broadly 2 types of Radio ads.

  1. Jingles
  2. RJ Mentions and Integration

Jingle advertising is the most popular form and here ads are placed during the breaks. We will cover Jingle advertising in this FAQ.

There are 3 factors required to place a jingle ad

  1. How many days you want to play the ad? (Campaign Duration)
  2. How many times you want to play your ad daily? (Frequency)
  3. How long will be your ad? (Jingle length)

Advertising cost for Radio is quoted as cost per sec. To calculate your total cost multiply

Rate X Duration X Frequency X Jingle Length

e.g: Abhineet wants to know how much will it cost to place ad in Radio Mirchi Delhi. He found a rate of Rs 150 per sec on Media Ant site. He wants to run his campaign for 5 days, 6 times per day and he expects his ad to be 20 sec long.

The way he can calculate the budget:

Rate X Duration X Frequency X Jingle Length

150 X 5 X 6 X 20 = Rs 90,000


It is difficult to pick a very specific time to advertise. It can be because of the following reasons:

  1. Content might be getting played and there is no ad space
  2. Some other advertiser ad is already scheduled

It is recommended to pick a time band if you are looking for something very specific. You should not ask for 7:45 am every day but rather request ad to be played between 7am and 8am. Please note that these requests attract a significant premium.


You will be shared a Broadcast certificate at the end of the campaign. These reports are generated by Radio stations at month end and shared with advertisers around mid of the following month.


Frequently asked questions on Television Advertisement

Most of the channels have a 60:40 split between Prime Time and Non Prime Time for spot splits. e.g.: Of total 10 ads being played, 6 will be played in prime time and 4 in non prime time.

However, these numbers might slightly change for News channels or channels with narrower Prime Times. In these cases the split changes to 40:60 between Prime Time and non Prime time.


Shared rate for Television is per second. This is the price of showing 1 sec of your ad on that TV channel one time.

Let me explain this through an example.

Rate Star Plus on The Media Ant – Rs 2,000 per sec

You decided to run your video ad which is of 20 sec(ad length) , 5 times every day (frequency) for 7 Days(campaign duration). To calculate your budget:

Budget = Rate X Ad Length X Frequency X Campaign Duration

= 2000 X 20 X 5 X 7 = 1,400,000


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