Clever ads that generates footfall

Shopping has always been a mood enhancer, but the stores and outlets have to keep up with a lot of creativity to compete in this tough advertising market to catch the eyeballs and draw the masses.

It’s all about clever advertising and yes it can be even done without the bestseller ‘Ks’ namely ‘Khans’, ‘Kapoors’ ‘Kohlis’ or ‘Katrinas’

Here are some of the smartest ads that were used to generate footfalls.


1) The Pepperfry ad campaign about ‘’why wait for a festival or occasion to buy furniture’’ makes furniture buying experience a very easy and happy one. The campaign features a series of television commercials and is supported by a strong presence on social, cinema and digital media channels and makes one want to run to the nearest Pepperfry studio.

2)For all the ones who weren’t really motivated to go the gym. This billboard fat to fit ad by Gold’s gym was just what they needed to see. And just what the gym needed to generate more footfalls.


The Shape Fitness centre ad on television and social media is one ad that stands out amongst the other jaded ones lamenting about only super bodies and muscles. It simply says actual beauty is being fit and is set to attract a lot of footfalls.


3)We could not ignore this ad and neither can anyone who is hungry and needs to eat. SUBWAY has used the magic word effectively to draw more customers.

4)Starbucks ads are not only about coffee. They have cleverly associated coffee with health, freshness and friendship which everyone wants in this brutally fast paced life and have generated footfalls through these ads on social media, targeting the right demographics.



5)The Big Bazaaar ad campaign with the tag lines ‘#khane ka samay’, and ‘neiki ka mahina’ on television, radio, social media, newspapers and as in- store standees are great customer pullers. One look at either of the ads and you want to run to the store for fresh food ingredients at discounted prices.

The ‘no phataka ad’ urges that the store is kid friendly and the ‘fashion jo star banade’ appeals tremendously to the middle class who want good clothes at cheaper rates. No wonder the stores never have a dull moment.


6)This bubbles hair salon in Chennai has got the look just geographically and creatively right to lead footfalls straight into their door.

Or this very tempting ad from Jawed Habib on his Facebook page and newspapers.

7)The Tanishq wedding jewelry ad on television and social media may or may not convince the young women but surely stands to draw a lot of mothers who are tired of convincing their wards for marriage, to their store.


8)Godrej Interio became a household name through Sam, Meera and some very convenient contemporary furniture on television and generated the footfalls they wanted at their stores.

The printed ads were simple and self-explanatory that drew a lot of young culture who did not have the extra time or money set up lavish homes.

9)And we couldn’t sign off without mentioning the Lenskart ads splashed as hoardings and on social and digital media. Would any customer want to miss this?

Author- Alefiyah Kapasi

Disclaimer- images are taken from and are for illustrative purposes only.


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