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During a casual discussion on how brands have used FB to build brands, a brand manager working on FMCG products quoted “FB is a liability, a check box to be done”.  True or not, it did make everyone take notice of the guy.

Somehow, the thought lingered even after that discussion. An ecommerce brand cannot think of a brand building exercise without FB being a pillar. But how relevant was it for a mass brand? Considering that FB has about 250 Million users in India, practically everyone who can be a FB user is a FB user. So I set out to answer a question:

Is the true brand love always expressed on the FB page? 

I looked at FB Likes for Brand pages as proxy of their love on FB.

2 sets of brands were considered.

Mass Brands: Top 10 brand brands in India as per the Brand Equity Report

New Age Brand: Top 10 ecommerce brands in India 


  1. Majority of consumers with FB access do not express Brand love on FB page
  2. For Mass Brands, there is no correlation between brand equity and FB likes
  3. New Age brand consumers are more expressive of their brand love on FB pages and there is correlation between love and likes

So next time your boss pulls you up for poor FB likes, you know which charts to show.

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