An(t)ecdote: How Hotstar helped Swiggy satisfy it’s growth hunger?

There’s an old saying- “The thirsty goes to the well, the well doesn’t go to the thirsty”. In marketing, however, it’s the other way round. But how does one well reach out to millions of thirsty people? It’s the most common question advertisers ask and a good one indeed.

Meet Swiggy, a popular food delivery app taking on the likes of Zomato, Uber Eats, etc. This is a love story of Hunger meets Entertainment and a demonstration of how the right platform can boost your product offering.

Swiggy-Hotstar Integration: IPL 2019 Special

Swiggy advertising on Hotstar          Swiggy Advertising Case StudyAdvertise on Hotstar





What were the ingredients of this perfect recipe for success?

Swiggy Advertising on Hotstar




The insight behind the campaign: A considerable hike in food ordering during cricket matches.

Swiggy Advertisement on Hotstar




Swiggy Pop: Meal for 1 exclusively created for Swiggy users

Swiggy advertising campaign on Hotstar




Food ordering feature integrated into Hotstar App so that people can order food without leaving the match

Swiggy advertising campaign on Hotstar




Event-triggered offer to keep the audience engaged: “Swiggy 6” coupon to be used within 6 minutes of a sixer to avail 60% discount

 Swiggy Ads on Hotstar during IPL 2019



Functional and effective video ads to communicate the offers and benefits

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