Airline Advertising Options and Pricing

Use this blog post to get various media options available for advertising in Airlines in India. The blog shares Airline Media options available in Indigo Airlines, Jet Airways, Go Air, Spice Jet, Air Costa, Air Asia and Vistata Airlines.

Advertising in airlines is a proven method to target high income individuals. Advertising your brand in airlines not only gives a very targeted reach but at the same time provides a wonderful context for premium brands. Brands right from Real Estate to Jewellery to Apparel find value in advertising in Airlines.

You can download the approximate pricing and images of airline advertising media by clicking Airline Media Option

The table below would give you an approximate idea on the Airline media options and Aircraft advertising options. The pricing included here are not the best pricing or the current pricing. For current and best pricing please go the media options and pricing section of individual airlines pages available at AIRLINE AND AIRPORT ADVERTISING OPTION

Media Min cost in Lakhs Max cost in Lakhs Comment
Luggage Tags8,00,00035,00,000Available for Indigo, Spice, Jet and Go Air
Boarding Pass10,00,00040,00,000Available for Indigo, Spice, Jet and Go Air
Product SamplingRs 3.50/Unit-Cost depends on the sample size.
Seat BackRs 2,00,000Rs 3,50,000Indigo and Spice
MagazinesRs 80,000Rs 4,00,000Indigo has the highest passenger count
EmailRs 3 per emailRs 7 per emailOnly Indigo.

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