Advertising ideas for GST Filing and Invoicing software

The roll out of Goods and Services Tax popularly known as GST is all set for July 1st 2017.  Hailed as one of the largest tax reforms in independent India, implementation of GST for businesses would require software that is suitable for GST filing and invoicing.

The need of GST compliant invoicing software also brings a great opportunity for companies that are in the business of building GST software. Advertising GST software for filing and invoicing involves certain challenges. The biggest challenge for advertising GST software comes from the short window of time that it offers. Businesses are expected to be GST compliant by 1st of July. Even if we factor in some laxity at implementation, the advertising window for GST software is confined to remaining period of June and the first half of July.

So what are the advertising ideas or possibilities for promoting GST filing and invoicing software?

Before I get down to the recommendation of advertising options, it is important to understand who the target audience is and where are they physically. The target group for using GST software is businesses, startups, traders, CAs and accountants. In this broad TG, I would assume that most of the large businesses would have already migrated to the new GST software or would be doing inhouse. So the core target group to advertise for  GST invoicing and filing software would be small businesses and traders including startups.

In terms of Geography, while entire India needs to be covered, but in interest of time and money, my suggestion would be to focus on the following 10 cities:

  1. Ahmedabad
  2. Bangalore
  3. Chennai
  4. Delhi NCR
  5. Hyderabad
  6. Jaipur
  7. Kolkata
  8. Mumbai
  9. Pune
  10. Surat

I would recommend the following advertising options to advertise your GST software:


If you can afford to invest more than 25 Lakhs, TV is a good medium to advertise your GST software. Advertising in TV will help you to reach out to a large number of users in a very short time across the country. Pick channels like News, Business and Movies which indexes high with businessmen and Startups. Don’t worry if you do not have a video ready. Making a video would take lot of time and you will lose out on the short advertising window. Instead use innovations like L Band, Aston Bands, and Sponsorship etc.


Radio is a focused media to target cities. You can advertise in Radio to promote your GST software. With high travel time in most of the cities there is plenty of time to tell the listener about your great GST filing and invoicing software. Any radio agency will help you to create an impactful jingle for free.


Most important medium of all, irrespective of where people listen or hear to your ad, they will invariably come online and search. Google search campaign, LinkedIn, Facebook targeting business pages and business websites are the right digital medium to advertise GST invoicing and filing software digitally.


Time your ad of GST software in Newspaper well. Newspaper while they provide high reach, remember it is only a one time read. So before placing your GST software ad in a national Newspaper, have your digital media up and running. An ad in national Newspaper builds a huge credibility for any product.

Non Traditional Medium

Not highly recommended but one can consider few non-traditional medium to advertise GST filing and invoicing software. The reason I am not very keen that you include non-traditional medium in your marketing mix is because of their high cost per reach and the time it takes to implement.


Few of the quick non-trad medium that you could consider is Buses, Malls, Cabs and Airports

In case you are looking for a custom marketing plan to advertise your GST invoicing and filing software send us a mail at

Welcome onboard the simplified GST world.

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