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Regional TV Advertising

Regional TV Advertising in India You can now use regional TV Advertising in India through The Media Ant. We can now help you with advertising on National channels but only for the select cities/states you want your ad to show in. Click here for TV Advertising Details

‘Region-specific television advertising’ is a media innovation on television through which brands can choose national TV channels to advertise on, but choose to show the ad only in the city/state of their choice, and pay only for their selected market – as against paying for the national TV channel, resulting in a huge wastage.


For instance, you operate a local cola brand in only Karnataka but would still like to target the youth watching Zoom TV. There was no way to do this until now. You would have to buy the TV spot on Zoom TV at the national rate, even though you only wanted people in Karnataka to watch it. The ad would run across the country, resulting in huge wastage. With the targeted tv advertising technology, you can now choose only Karnataka, and better yet, only Bangalore and show your ad only in the market of your choice resulting in better targeting, low wastage, higher ROI and ability to play a relevant creative in the language of your choice.

Media Options for Regional Advertising

  • Ads for National TV channels targeted specifically in any of the 65 cities
  • Ability to play different creatives in different cities

Use Cases of Regional Advertising

  • Regional advertisers / Players that don’t have a national presence
  • Players that have a national presence, but want only regional / local advertising
  • National advertisers that want to test different creatives in different regions

How Regional/Targetted TV Advertising Works

Same channel. Same time. Different ads. Our partner buys media from national channels. Usually the advertiser that targets the national channel will have his ad playing in even the local markets. However, our partner intercepts the channel at the local level through DTH. This way it enables a local advertiser to get ad spots on a national channel at the fraction of the national TV rate. These ads are inserted in a seamless way and our partner has a tie-up with the TV channels to enable this.

Regional TV Advertising

Advantages of Targetted/Regional TV Advertising

  • Minimal wastage compared to advertising on national TV, if you wanted just one region
  • Cheaper and affordable compared to national TV rates
  • Better ROI due to these two reasons
  • Testing of creatives in different regions if you’d like to test 2-3 different creatives

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