Ads that caught the attention of people using popular news or events.

A consumer’s brain can hold only limited information before it becomes fatigued. But the media with a passion for economics of attention, has come up with ingenious ideas to leverage this limited resource.

They have learned to create ads revolving around popular news and events to promote their brand which not only captures the attention of the consumers well but also stays with them

1)The Fevicol ‘crazy chair ‘ad is tongue-in-cheek and supremely clever. It effectively uses the television, social and digital media to promote its product, during the election fever riding the country and gives it a non-preachy humorous angle.


No offence to Bill Gates but this excellent ad again by Fevicol in print media when Bill Gates was in the news cannot be missed.


2)Our country loves cricket and obviously anything that is associated with that game is loved too. Vodafone created zoo zoos and played them cleverly during the IPL and world cup making their cricket offers almost synonymous to the game. The zoo zoos were seen on television, social, digital and print media.


If Vodafone could, Pepsi and Jio also weren’t far behind.

3)Amul ads need no introduction or description. If it is happening, then it is on the Amul ads.

And it is not only Amul.

4)Wagh Bakri chai ad in print media knew how to flavour the GST as well.

5)Nestle did something very interesting during the release of Bahubali-2.  It partnered its product ‘Munch’ with the mega release and launched 5 limited edition packs through television and exclusive social media content. Just like how Bahubali had swept the country, its iconic brand also created a niche in the coated wafer category.

6)Big Bazaar ‘’Neki ka Mahina’’ ad captured the essence of the holy month of Ramazan and promoted their store through digital, television, social and print media on the basis of humanity and compassion.

7)Cadbury’s has an exclusive range called the celebration range that appeals to their consumers emotionally during all festivals.

8)And we leave you with 2 interesting ads that were released on social and print media during demonetization.

Do we need to say anything further?


Author-Alefiyah Kapasi

Disclaimer- images are taken from for illustrative purposes only.

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