Advertising Trends in Mumbai

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Advertisements make the people get the right things. Just with a single flick of vision anywhere in Mumbai, we see a lot of advertisements related to different things.If you are a marketer and planning your next campaign, then the question arises in your mind is what are marketers looking to advertise in Mumbai.

Mumbai has always been hard for marketers to plan their campaigns but at the same time, it is the most preferred city because of its diversified target audience. Though being hard there are certain media options which help the marketers to cater the majority of Mumbai.

Local trains(Locals) are called the veins of Mumbai, (Metros are also added to the list now) and nearly 40-50  percent of Mumbai travels through Locals and Metros. Targeting the local train and Metro commuters is the best way to reach out to the major part of Mumbai. Advertising trends in Mumbai are now shifting towards Locals and Metros and there are three options through which advertising can be done in these:

  • Local and Metro – Digital Screen, Announcements, Interior Branding, Exterior Wrap etc.
  • On station – Banners, Announcements, Bridge Panels etc.
  • Outside station branding – Hoardings, Pole Kiosk etc.

As same as Locals and Metros, BEST Buses are also the preferred commuter’s option and is the main part of advertising trends in Mumbai. Around  20-30 percent of Mumbai travels through BEST buses. There are two options through which advertising can be done here:

  •    Bus – Inside Panels, Grab Handles, Outside Panels etc.
  •    Bus Shelters – Lit Bus Shelters and Non Lit Bus shelters

Now the remaining 10-20 percent are those who are not traveling by public transport and thus the best way to target them is through Radios. Radios are the next advertising trend in Mumbai and caters PAN Mumbai. Penetration of Radios in Mumbai is really good and covers suburban parts as well.

The above three parts of Advertising trends in Mumbai covers almost complete Mumbai and it is up to the marketers to whom they want to target and select the media accordingly.

I hope this article was able to answer your queries on What are marketers looking to advertise in Mumbai and what are the advertising trends in Mumbai.

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