5 Absurd Advertisements of 2016

While the Indian Advertising industry did produce some real thought provoking ads in 2016, it also produced others that were just down right ridiculous. They made you wonder what the creatives were thinking when they made these ads.

Here are 5 ads of 2016 which made one put a palm to the forehead.

While these are our personal views, there might be insights that we just missed. These ads might have done wonders to the brands, own or competition’s.

New Cadbury Fuse

This is the new ad for Cadbury Fuse, a product that is pitched head on with Mars’ Snickers peanut laden chocolate bar. It shows a yoga teacher who is so distracted from her yoga by the Fuse candy bar that she makes bizarre moves and her participants follow her distracted moves. Silly and ‘unfunny’, this ad is one of the nonsensical ones out there!


Colgate Active Salt Neem – Safari

If one is unsure about how to abuse the potential of an international icon like Priyanka Chopra, one should watch this ad. As a group of people go on a safari, oneguy bites into an apple to find that he has bleeding gums. Out springs Priyanka from the bonnet of the jeep and gives a lecture on dental hygiene with Colgate!Really??!!


Space case – Finolex Fans

An Indian astronaut goes into space. He runs out of pickle. This makes the headlines in the country causing a lot of upheaval. One day there is a knock on the door of the spacecraft (like your front door) and the astronaut’s uncle is standing there with the jar of achaar. The uncle got to the space craft through the power of 6 Finolex fans turned on, in his backyard. Mother of astronaut rejoices that her pickle has been delivered to her son. Consider the mind blown.


Hritik Roshan’s  Nirma Advance


Hritik Roshan and Nirma, are two brands that you usually do not associate together. But, it happened. Nirma decided that all it needs is for Hritik Roshan to dance in the bathroom without his shirt and maybe they were right. With over a million views within a very short span of time, this ad which makes no sense, is a show stealer!


But the winner is

Pan Bahar – Pierce Brosnan

When the fans of Pierce Brosnan saw this ad, they did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Their beloved Remington Steel/Bond was hawking Pan masala. Throw in the Rajnikant style ‘redonkulous’ mini movie and many ardent fans were dumbstruck at this botch job! Even though this train wreck went viral, it will be a while before Mr. Brosnan and his fans can live this one down!


Contributed by: Navina

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